Peer-reviewed Publications

(* Equal contribution)

F Raschellà, S Scafa, A Puiatti, EM Moraud* and P-L Ratti* (2022).
Actigraphy enables home screening of REM behavior disorder in Parkinson's disease
Annals of Neurology  pdf

Y Thenaisie*, K Lee*, C Moerman, S Scafa, A Gálvez, E Pirondini, M Burri, J Ravier, A Puiatti, E Accolla, B Wicki, A Zacharia, M Castro Jiménez, JF Bally, G Courtine, J Bloch and EM Moraud (2022). 
Principles of gait encoding in the subthalamic nucleus of people with Parkinson’s disease
Science Translational Medicine, Vol 14 pdf

G Tinkhauser* and EM Moraud* (2021). 
Controlling clinical states governed by different temporal dynamics using closed-loop DBS : A principled framework
Frontiers in Neuroscience Vol. 21  pdf

L di Biase, G Tinkhauser, EM Moraud, ML Caminiti, PM Pecoraro and V di Lazzaro (2021)
Adaptive, personalized closed-loop therapy for Parkinson's disease: biochemical, neurophysiological and wearable sensing systems.
Expert Review in Neurotherapeutics Vol. 21  pdf

Y Thenaisie*, C Palmisano*, A Canessa, BJ Keulen, P Capetian, MC Jiménez, JF Bally, E Manferlotti, L Beccaria, R Zutt, G Courtine, J Bloch, NA van der Gaag, CF Hoffmann, EM Moraud* IU Isaias* and MF Contarino* (2021).
Towards adaptive deep brain stimulation: clinical and technical notes on a novel commercial device for chronic brain sensing.
Journal of Neural Engineering, Vol. 18  pdf

JW Squair, M Gautier, L Mahe, JE Soriano, A Rowald, A Bichat, N Cho, MA Anderson, N.D. James, J Gandar, AV Incognito, G Schiavone, ZK Sarafis, A Laskaratos, K Bartholdi, R. Demesmaeker, S Komi, C Moerman, B. Vaseghi, B Scott, R Rosentreter, C Kathe, J Ravier, L McCracken, X Kang, N Vachicouras, F Fallegger, I Jelescu, YunLong Cheng, Qin Li, Rik Buschman, Nicolas Buse, T Denison, S Dukelow, R. Charbonneau, I Rigby, S.K. Boyd, PJ Millar, EM Moraud, M Capogrosso, FB Wagner, Q Barraud, E Bezard, SP Lacour, J Bloch, G Courtine and AA Phillips (2021).
Neuroprosthetic baroreflex controls haemodynamics after spinal cord injury
Nature, Vol. 590 pdf

M Capogrosso*, F Wagner*, J Gandar, EM Moraud, N Wenger, T Milekovic, P Shkorbatova, N Pavlova, P Musienko, E Bezard, J Bloch and G Courtine (2018).
Configuration of spinal cord neuromodulation through real-time analysis of gait kinematics
Nature Protocols, Vol 13 pdf

EM Moraud*, G Tinkhauser*, M Agrawal, P Brown and R Bogacz (2018)
Predicting beta-bursts from local filed potentials to improve closed-loop DBS paradigms in Parkinson's patients.
Proceedings of the 40th International Conference on Engineering in Medicine and Biology pdf

J Baufreton*, T Milekovic*, Q Li *, S McGuire , EM Moraud, G Porras, S Sun, WK Ko, M Chazalon, S Morin, E Normand, G Fargot, A Milet, J Pype, E Pioli, G Courtine and E Bezard (2018).
Inhaling Xenon ameliorates L-Dopa-induced dyskinesia in experimental parskinsonianism
Movement Disorders , Vol 33 pdf

M Capogrosso*, J Gandar*, N Greiner, EM Moraud, N Wenger, P Shkorbatova, P Musienko, I Minev, S Lacour, G Courtine (2018)
Advantages of soft subdural implants for delivery of electrochemical neuromodulation therapies to the spinal cord.
Journal of Neural Engineering, Vol 15 pdf

EM Moraud*, J von Zitzewitz*, J Miehlbradt, S Wurth, E Formento, J DiGiovana, M Capogrosso, G Courtine and S Micera (2018)
Closed-loop control of trunk posture improves locomotion through the regulation of leg proprioceptive feedback after spinal cord injury.  
Scientific Reports, Vol 8 pdf

JM Florez, M Shah, EM Moraud, S Wurth, L Baud, J von Zitzewitz, R Van Den Brand, S Micera, G Courtine and J Paik (2017).
Rehabilitative Soft Exoskeleton for Rodents.
IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, Vol 99. pdf

R Bogacz, EM Moraud, A Abdi, P J Magill and J Baufreton (2016).
Properties of Neurons in External Globus Pallidus Can Support Optimal Action Selection.
PloS Computational Biology, Vol 12. pdf

M Capogrosso*, T Milekovic*, D Borton*, F Wagner‡, EM Moraud‡, JB Mignardot, N Buse, J Gandar, Q Barraud, D Xing, E Rey, S Duis, Y Jianzhong, W Ko, Q Li, P Detemple, T Denison, S Micera, E Bezard, J Bloch and G Courtine (2016).
A brain-spine interface alleviating gait deficits after spinal cord injury in primates.
Nature, Vol 539. pdf
Media coverage: BBC News, The Telegraph, MIT Technology Review, New York Times, El Pais

EM Moraud*, M Capogrosso*, E Formento, N Wenger, J DiGiovanna, G Courtine and S Micera (2016).
Mechanisms underlying the neuromodulation of spinal circuits for correcting gait and balance deficits after spinal cord injury.
Vol 89.
Best PostDoc Paper Award
, Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Robotics 2017

N Wenger*, EM Moraud*, J Gandar*, P Musienko, M Capogrosso, L Baud, C le Goff, Q Barraud, N Pavlova, N Dominici, I Minev, L Asboth, A Hirsch, S Duis, J Kreider, A Mortera, O Haverbeck, S Kraus, F Schmitz, J DiGiovanna, R van den Brand, J Bloch, P Detemple, S P Lacour, E Bézard, S Micera and G Courtine (2016).
Spatiotemporal neuromodulation therapies engaging muscle synergies improve motor control after spinal cord injury.
Nature Medicine.
Vol 22.
Comment on this work, Nature Medicine (A. Prochazka) pdf

R van den Brand, J Mignardot, J von Zitzewitz, C Le Goff, N Fumeaux, F Wagner, M Capogrosso, EM Moraud, S Micera, B Schurch, A Curt, S Carda, J Bloch and G Courtine (2015).
Neuroprosthetic technologies to augment the impact of neurorehabilitation after spinal cord injury.
Annals of physical and rehabilitation medicine
, Vol. 58. pdf

I Minev*, P Musienko*, A Hirsch, Q Barraud, N Wenger, EM Moraud, J Gandar, M Capogrosso, T Milekovic, L Asboth, R Fajardo Torres, N Vachicouras, Q Liu, N Pavlova, S Duis, A Larmagnac, J Voros, S Micera, Z Suo, G Courtine and S P Lacour (2015).
Electronic dura mater for long-term multimodal neural interfaces.
Science, Vol 347. pdf

N Wenger*, EM Moraud*, S Raspopovic, M Bonizzato, J DiGiovanna, P Musienko, S Micera and G Courtine (2014).
Closed-loop neuromodulation of spinal sensorimotor circuits controls refined locomotion after complete spinal cord injury.
Science Translational Medicine. Vol. 6.
Media coverage: El Pais (Spanish)

D Borton, M Bonizzato, J Beauparlant, J DiGiovanna, EM Moraud, N Wenger, P Musienko, IR Minev, SP Lacour, JdR Millan and G Courtine (2014).
Corticospinal neuroprostheses to restore locomotion after spinal cord injury.
Neuroscience Research,
Vol 78. pdf

EM Moraud*, N Wenger*, J Gandar, J DiGiovanna, P Musienko, G Courtine and S Micera (2013).
A real-time platform to study the modulatory capacity of epidural stimulation after spinal-cord injury.
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Neural Engineering.
San Diego, CA, USA. pdf

R van den Brand, J Heutschi, Q Barraud, J DiGiovanna, K Bartholdi, M Huerlimann, L Friedli, I Vollenweider, EM Moraud, S Duis, N Dominici, S Micera, P Musienko and G Courtine (2012).
Restoring Voluntary Control of Locomotion after Paralyzing Spinal Cord Injury.
Vol. 336.
Media Coverage: New York TImes, Guardian

EM Moraud and Elisabetta Chicca (2011).
Toward Neuromorphic Odor Tracking: Perspectives for Space Exploration.
Acta Futura. Vol 4.

EM Moraud and D Martinez (2010).
Effectiveness and robustness of robot infotaxis for searching in dilute conditions.
Frontiers in Neurorobotics
Vol. 4.

JG Hale, B Hohl, S-H Hyon, T Matsubara, EM Moraud and G Cheng (2008).
Highly precise dynamics simulation environment for Humanoid Robots.
Advanced Robotics Vol. 22.


Presentations at International Conferences / Events

Y Thenaisie, E Pirondini, K Lee, C Moerman, M Castro-Jimenez, G Courtine, J Boch* and EM Moraud* (2019)
Neural correlates of leg force modulation in the Subthalamic nucleus of patients with Parkinson's disease
OptoDBS, Geneva, Switzerland

K Lee, E Pirondini, Y Thenaisie, C Moerman, M Castro-Jimenez, G Courtine, J Bloch* and EM Moraud* (2019)
Real-time decoding of leg force modulation from local field potentials in the human subthalamic nucleus
OptoDBS, Geneva, Switzerland

EM Moraud, E Pirondini, M Castro Jimenez, E Pralong, G Courtine and J Bloch (2018).
Poster: "Motor cortex and subthalamic nucleus dynamics underlying leg motor functions".
European Society for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery (ESSFN), Edinburgh, UK

EM Moraud, N Wenger, J DiGiovanna, G Courtine and S Micera (2014).
Poster: "Phase-dependent neuromodulation of spinal circuits restores bilateral symmetry and balance after paralysing SCI".
Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, Washington DC, USA

EM Moraud, N Wenger, JK DiGiovanna, P Musienko, M Morari, G Courtine and S Micera (2012).
Poster: "Online optimization of multisite electrical spinal cord stimulation increases consistency of stepping in spinal rats."
Society for Neuroscienc Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, USA.

EM Moraud (2010).
Oral presentation: "Scent-Tracking by Autonomous Robots: Infotaxis and Beyond".
International Workshop on Dynamical Olfaction, Brighton, UK.

EM Moraud, JG Hale and G Cheng (2008).
Oral presentation: "Contraint-based ground contact handling in humanoid robotics simulation".
IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Workshop on Contact Models for Manipulation and Locomotion, Pasadena, CA, USA
. pdf

Technical Reports

EM Moraud (2014).
Closed-loop control of epidural electrical stimulation to optimise spinal neuroprosthetic systems.
PhD Thesis. ETH Zurich.
Finalist to the Best Doctoral Dissertation (2015), Swiss Society for Biomedical Engineering.

G Healy, P Wilkins, A F. Smeaton, D Izzo, M Rucinski, C Ampatzis and EM Moraud (2010).
Curiosity Cloning: Neural Modelling for Image Analysis.
Ariadna Final Technical Report (08-8201b), Advanced Concepts Team, European Space Agency
. pdf

EM Moraud (2009).
Statistical Modeling of Multisensory Integration in the context of a prosthetic hand.
MSc. Thesis, Edinburgh University.

Book chapters

D Martinez and EM Moraud (2013).
Reactive and cognitive strategies for olfactory robots
Neuromorphic Olfaction. Frontiers in Neuroengineering Series,
KC Persaud, S Marco, A Gutierrez Galvez (eds), CRC Press



T Milekovic, M Capogrosso, G Courtine, EM Moraud, F Wagner and J Gandar (2018).
Two-phase calibration of a neuroprosthetic system.
US Patent application No 15340728.

G Courtine, S Micera, N Wenger, EM Moraud and M Bonizzato (2013)
System to deliver adaptive electrical spinal cord stimulation to facilitate and restore locomotion after a neuromotor impairment.
European patent application No 13191003.6


Other contributions: Outreach & dissemination

Presenter - Soirée de soutien, Parkinson Move foundation, Switzerland. (April 2023)

Contributor - Monthly magazine, Parkinson Schweiz foundation, Switzerland. (December 2021) pdf

Contributor - Rapport d'activité, Fondation CHUV, Switzerland. (Sept 2021) pdf

Speaker - BCI & Neurotechnology Spring school,, Austria (April 2021)

Lecturer - Centre for Human Brain Health, Univ Birmigham, UK (April 2021) pdf

Speaker - Brain Awareness Week, CHUV Lausanne, Switzerland. (February 2021)

Speaker - Neuro MeetUp seminars, InselSpital Bern, Switzerland. (Septembrer 2019)pdf

Speaker - Seminar on Neurophysiology and Bioengineering, Master on Electrodiagnostics, Barcelona, Spain (April 2019) pdf

Presenter at the 3rd International workshop on "Design and Engineering", Milan, Italy (Dec. 2018). pdf

Keynote lecture: "Mechanisms of action of electrical stimulation".
European Society for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery, Hands on course (Nov. 2017).

Mentor for the In2science Charity, which contributes to motivating students from disadvantaged backgroungs to consider careers in research. University of Oxford 2016 (link)

Founder of the Bioscience Network Lausanne (BSNL) aimed at closing the gap between academic students and industrial institutions

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